Changes Are Coming...Are You Ready?

Carla making her way through the first turn in the 2019 CRCA ROKA Grant's Tomb Crit Women 3/4/5 field.

The 2019 racing season has begun. We should expect some major changes in this season in the NYC racing scene. More on that later. First thing first, I have been the unofficial/official race photographer for the 2 Prospect Park race series for the past 6 years, and I do shoot the Tuesday Night Race Series on and off as well. I have decided to expand my artistic direction and spending more time focusing on track racing in the Kissena Velodrome as well as in T Town with HH Racing. Unfortunately, this means I would have little or no time to cover any of the Prospect Park races at all. I do feel that I have done what could possibly be photographed in these park races for the past 6 years.

However, I am currently also an official race photographer for the Verrazano Team Racing’s Randall’s Island Crit series on Sunday and Tuesday evening. These series last until the end of March. You will find me shooting in these races however. I don’t know what would happen once the series is over by the end of March. However, Alex Koch from Verrazano Team Racing is currently exploring other race venues to host his evening races. What about Floyd??? Isn't good enough?

Floyd races are dead!!!!???? According to the people and officials associated with granting event permits to our race promoters, the new FBF management has made applying for permits extremely and unrealistically difficult. There are reasons why there haven’t been much updates on the FBF situation from our race promoters as of now. The HH Racing president, Alessandro Matteucci, is currently “working behind the scene” to see if we can keep Floyd racing alive or if we can continue to promote NYC racing in another format. For our fans and supporters, check back for updates in few weeks. Hopefully, we would have positive news. For the other series, you have to contact the race series promoters and race directors for more information. I don’t exactly work for them. I know Alex Koch from Verrazano Team Racing is seeking a new venue to continue to keep evening races alive in NYC. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find a suitable venue to host race series and to promote our sports. City parks are out of the questions, the way I see it.

At the beginning of this year, the bike messenger community has lost one of their own. In a way, one of our own too. Aurilla Lawrence was fatally struck and killed by a truck in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, February 28, 11:30 pm. You can read about this tragedy here. In my old management job in the Upper West Side 85th Street, I used to commute to work when possible as parts of my training. I also did a lot of long distance ride in NJ and coming back to Brooklyn via the 5th ave in Manhattan. Riding and commuting in NYC is always dangerous, and especially at night too. Is almost like the highway scene in the Matrix. When comes to bike related accidents, cyclists are at faults by default unfortunately.

Here is a positive news. Carla Northy from HH Racing has raced her fist ever CRCA ROKA Grant’s Tomb Crit on March 9, this past Saturday. Despite of her bad cold, she managed to placed 4th place in the Women’s Cat 4/5 field and later on 8th place in the Women’s Cat 3/4/5 field. Here is a little background on her if you don’t know who is Carla.

She was a tire width short of the podium.

A post race photo of course.

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