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Aviv winning his first race of the 2018 season, in the Cat 4/5 field, Verrazano Team Racing Thursday Race Series, 8/30/18.

Congratulation to Aviv Maizlin for placing 2nd place overall in both Verrazano Team Racing Thursday and Saturday Race Series, in the Cat 4/5 field competition. Not only that, he has total of 4 victories and all of them are impressive. What is impressive, I think, is that he stopped racing for over 6 years ago, right after his team, Hudson Furniture, took the overall victory in the Cat 4 field, in the Prospect Park race series. You can say that he raced into fitness from the beginning of the HH Racing Thursday FBF Race Series from April to late July.

Aviv is at the center right, one of the Prospect Park race series, Cat 4 field competition, 2012.

Aviv is from Israel and currently in his early 30s. He is a Cat 4. When he was younger, basketball was his passion before he suffered a knee injury in 2009. After his knee surgery and recovery, he decided to take up a different sport. Cycling was a natural choice. He spared no expense to get the best bike for his new athletic endeavor. He brought a new Trek Madone.

At the end of 2009, he became an official Cat 5 and did couple of races. He was hooked. He became a bike racer and joined up and racing for team Hudson Furniture. From 2010 and to 2012, he was living the life…...of a bike racer. Bike racing becomes a mindset, a way of life. Your training plan becomes your life compass. Weekend races become the day of reckoning….the day for glory, triumph, and defeat. For many of us, is more like defeats. It didn’t matter, we would prepare for the next battle in another week. Some races to fight off their inner demons. Others, they race to overcome the world around them.

Aviv has some successes racing as a Cat 4 between 2010 and 2012. He placed 5th in the Tour of Battenkill in 2011. He took second place in one of the many FBF Tuesday series, and helping his team mate Sergei Buryanenko to win the overall in the Prospect Park race series. By 2012 Winter, he didn’t plan his training carefully enough. In addition, he raced very poorly in the Tour of Battenkill dring the early Spring in 2012. That was when he decided to “retire.” Although living the life of an amateur bike racer is kind of fun, crazy, hardcore, eccentric, over-the-top, Zen, and alluring, too much of a good thing can sap your motivation and energy. Aviv didn’t come back to racing officially until in 2018, although the thought of coming back to racing is always on his mind.

Aviv using the HH Racing Thursday FBF Race Series to race into fitness.

Racing in these epic condition can make you to become a stronger rider.

I suppose once a bike racer, is always a bike racer. The romanticism of the sport is eternal. By 2018, Aviv came back to racing again and this time was for real, although he did few races late in 2017 to test his fitness. He spent most of the time racing at FBF, in the HH Racing Thursday FBF Race Series. He was struggling at first and getting dropped because he was attacking early and riding himself out and digging too deep in the break until he was caught. However, he slowly raced into fitness by late July. Unexpectedly, he found that he enjoyed racing at FBF ever more this time around. In the past, he focused on many long, hilly, out of state races.

Another reason why he also likes racing at FBF HH Racing Thursday FBF Race Series:

"FBF quickly became one of my favorite places to race at - unique atmosphere and great people, both racers and organizers. The flat course characterize by rough tarmac and strong cross winds. Therefore raw power, reading the race right, understanding wind directions and playing tactics correctly is crucial. In a way, I think this suits best my built and my "attacking time-trialing" style.

Victor - the photographer who took some of my first racing pictures back in 2010 - was there at every single race. Thanks to you and the organizers, these lifetime memories will stay with us forever. I feel like this is one of the more important aspects of racing and appreciate we have it in our local races. To cherish the moments while they last."

Aviv peaked for the Verrazano Team Racing Thursday and Saturday Race Series and placed the overall 2nd place. It was unexpected of course. When he began to see results, only then he was able to envisioning himself winning the Cat4/5 series. He took his first win in 8/30/18, in the Verrazano Team Racing Thursday Race Series. And followed by 3 more solo victories in the Saturday series.

Aviv taking the 2nd place over in the Verrazano Team Racing Saturday Race Series, Cat 4/5 competition, 9/28/18.

You can't have a podium celebration without champagnes.

Aviv crosses the line in a solo victory, second win for the 2018 season.

Aviv's second win and the second time on the podium for the 2018 season.

To Aviv, he races to win and to have fun in doing it:

"My competitive race mentality is simple - even if it's just for fun - the goal is always trying to win this particular race I'm in. Meaning, it wouldn't make a huge difference if I crossed the line 2nd or last. I enjoy the process and the race itself of course, this is the fun part - attacking, counter attacks, covering moves, breakaways and so on - but if for example after a long solo attack trying to actually win the race, I got caught and felt empty, I didn't feel like sprinting for 5th or 6th worth it. I don't like the sprint finishes anyhow."

He prefers to win races in the Fabian Cancellara style.

Since Aviv raced in both HH Racing Thursday FBF Race Series and the Verrazano Team Racing Thursday and Saturday Race Series, I asked him what he likes about them both. He sees little difference between the two and he likes them both. However, he would like the HH Racing Thursday FBF Race Series to extend the 30 minutes Cat 4/5 race into 1 hour.

He is currently a Cat 4 racer and not racing for any particular team at the moment. He thinks it is a possibility for him to join a team. However, he would prefer to race for himself at the moment. If needed and for fun, he may even wear the Israeli jersey. His goals for the next season is to build on what he has accomplished this year and to become faster and stronger. He isn't planning to upgrade to Cat 3 yet. Importantly, he wants to have fun in racing, again. He is a big fan of Fabian Cancellara, Peter Sagan, and Philippe Gilbert because they animate the race with huge efforts and massive attacks. For him and most cycling fans, that’s what bike racing is all about.

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