Slicing Through the Wind....

I want to congratulate Andre Abdool for taking first place in the Maglia Rosa Series and second place in the Maglia Gialla Series in the Cat4/5 field, in the HH Racing Thursday FBF Race Series. Is no easy task to win the first half of the series and to place second in the later half. HH Racing would like to thank Verrazano Team Racing and its team members for helping out at the registration table throughout the entire series. If you have ever met Andre, you would quickly realize that he is a small rider. I would say too small to do well at FBF traditionally. Yet, the race course suites him. The wind does not stop him though.

Andre is currently in his early 20s. He is originally from Georgetown, Guyana. He started racing when he was 16 and racing in the junior field in Guyana. In his first race as a junior, he placed fourth place. Much of his early racing years have been motivated and inspired by Kevin Jeffrey, a Guyanese moto racer. He was instrumental in sponsoring and providing equipment supports for Andre.

Currently, Andre is racing for Verrazano Team Racing and has been racing for the team for few years. Before he started racing for the Verrazano Team Racing, he was with the Continental Cycling Club, and followed by Team Alanis and Team Cocos. He rode briefly with the Richmond Cure8 Cycling Team. He was only been upgraded to Cat 3 few months ago too.

Left is Vcent Ribeiro. Center is Andre Abdool. Right is Simon Song.

Regardless of his smaller profile, Andre is a strong rider and can slice through the wind easily at FBF. That was why, during the Maglia Gialla Series competition, he managed to place top 5 most of the time and earned him enough points to win the series, only by 1 point over his rival, Daniel Spellman.

Left is Daniel Spellman. Center is Andre Abdool. Right is Avery Gilbert. Final podium presentation of the Maglia Gialla Series competition, 5/24/18.

Left is Avery Gilbert (third place). Center is Christopher Pulomena (first place). Right is Andre Abdool (second place). Final podium presentation for the Maglia Rosa Series competition, 7/19/18.

According to Andre, “placing 1st, for the first half of the series was indeed a part of my plan….. I have lots of strategies when riding a race. A few of them are breaking away with at least two guys, and try to win a bunch sprint in order to gain points in a race, which will eventually secure my podium.”

In the Maglia Rosa Series competition during the second half of the series, Andre failed to secure the overall leader jersey. According to Andre, he was missing breaks and didn’t earn enough points. He placed second overall in the second half of the series. His greatest joy in the series was when he took the leader jersey while his friend, Raynauth Jeffrey, a former Guyanese National Champ, was leading the pro12 field competition too.

As Andre recalled one of the best moments in the series for him:

My most memorable race was when I secured the leader jersey, with my fellow Guyanese friend, Raynauth Jeffrey from category 1/2. Since it was my first time ever to secure a leader jersey at Floyd Bennett field, I found it to be very exciting especially to have my family and friends out there to support me during that time. It was one of the best feelings.

Andre wishes that, in the future and 2019 season, the HH Racing Thursday FBF Race Series would have more prizes. And to be able to keep the field racing longer. And adding more new turns and horseshoe turns as well. He is hoping that a Cat 3 field would be added so that many recently upgraded Cat 3 riders can still be racing in the series. One of the goals he wants to achieve is to become a Cat 3 racer, which happened later in this 2018 season, unexpectedly too. The goals for him next year in 2019 is to win more races and to race longer races with more challenging competition. His favorite pro rider is Alejandro Valverde, who won the gold medal in the 2018 Road World Championship in Innsbruck. His favorite local riders are Robin Persaud, James Joseph, Aubrey Gordon and Raynauth Jeffrey.

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