A New Member....Carla Northy

We in HH Racing wish Carla Northy to have great success and more victory in her future racing pursuit. She is now an official HH Racing team member and being mentored and trained under Alessandro. Her best race result of this year was placing 3rd in the last CRCA Women’s race few months ago. She is currently a Cat 4. It happened not long after she began to train under Ale’s guidance. She only started racing last year too.

Photo credit: Alessandro Matteucci. And early morning session with Ale at FBF.

Photo credit: Alessandro Matteucci. And early morning session with Ale at Prospect Park.

Carla has always been a avid athlete growing up. She was into many youth sports growing up in California before moving to NYC. She used to play baseball and soccer. After she graduated from college, she spent 3 years working as a bike messenger. You know she got enough miles under her legs already. She felt that she didn’t become a full fledged bike messenger until the third year though.

In her first year working as a bike messenger, she was largely responsible for delivering bakery goods to the Upper East Side residents while she was partnered with various bakery shops. That year she learned that cupcakes don’t hold their shapes too well when being delivered on a fast moving bike…as she recalled. Her customers weren’t happy to say the least. She didn’t become a dispatcher and making good money until her 2nd year, although it was a stressful job for her.

She recalled the joy of riding through the NYC’s traffics as a real bike messenger:

During that time when I really got used to riding in traffic. That’s a fun feeling. So many memories of dodging taxis going up sixth and eighth avenue or rushing from the upper east side down to the financial district for a rush job. It was fun and a little dangerous. I was doored more than once. I’m thankful to be off the bike now but I’ve never regretted my time working on the streets.

By 2017, Carla was convinced by her friends to take up racing and to join one of the local teams. She was largely racing in track at that period. She even competed in the Red Hook Crit too. She found that track racing is more appealing because it is more accessible and costs less money to get into the sports. It was a fun and rewarding experience for her. By 2018, she was still racing track but slowly experimenting in road racing. Her first 2 CRCA road races didn’t go that well and she was dropped and shelled. Her friend Ray Tirado, a long time HH Racing team member, and the bike mechanic from Bicycle Habitat, Sheldon, recommended her to contact Ale to see if Ale can help her. By the time I met and rode with Carla during one of the Ale’s sessions with her in Prospect Park few months ago, she has been training with Ale for few weeks. Few weeks later, by September 1st, she took 3rd place in the last race of the CRCA women’s race.

The first track bike she used for racing...named Thunderdome.

She recalled what happened in that race and how she came in 3rd at the finish line:

Our finish was engineer’s gate (around 91st and fifth). I pretty much sat in for the whole race waiting to see if anyone was going to make a move. On the final lap as we passed the small hill by the Met still no one had made a move and I got anxious and pretty much just said screw it and jumped. I jumped way too early which is a problem I brought with me from track. I started my sprint like 500 meters from the finish which is pretty dumb but it was a good teaching moment. When I jumped two other women jumped with me I think (I didn’t look back) Tiffany Thomas from Rockstar was able to get around me along with Sofi Bermudez from NYCC. I was gassed but managed to at least hold on for third which felt great. During the race I realized how feasible podium was so to actually get it was really fulfilling. Then I immediately started thinking about how I could have won.

Her future goal is to become a better racer and to learn as much as possible from Alessandro.

Photo credit: Alessandro Matteucci. And early morning session with Ale.

Now, you can’t become a HH Racing team member without having a complete photo shoot done right, right? On 10/10, me, Carla, and Ale spent few hours in the early morning in Prospect Park doing a photo shoot with Carla. It was a fun morning. Thanks Carla for being a good, patient model.

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