Riding in Harriman in the rain, again???

Raining in the Harriman State Park, really, again? I don't recall not raining there either racing there way back or just photographing the Bear Mountain Spring Classic for the past few years. You guess it....HH Racing had its first Fall Ride yesterday, 10/6. And it was damp, wet, and light drizzles throughout the entire ride. We were all caught by surprise and totally got confused by the weather reports. Fortunately, the weather was warm enough and we didn't need to worry about getting hypothermia. Bombing down the Lake Welch Parkway at 45 mph+ in the rain and wet isn't fun when the temperature is colder.

Me and Ale woke up at 4:30am because Ale needed to run some errands at the Prospect Park race yesterday's morning. Then, we met up with Carla and we were on our way to the Harriman State Park by 7am. We got there 10 minutes before 9am. Our plan was that, since we were all there, we would ride anyway and maybe cutting the ride short when we headed back to the Tiorati Circle parking lot. The condition didn't get worsen and we decided to do another 15 miles. The ride was fun and no surprises, except the weather.

My job there yesterday was to photograph the ride. I have already worked out the logistic using the HH Racing team van to shuttle me to various spots on the route. The key here was to get far ahead of the group as fast and far as possible so that I would have enough time to scout for shooting spots and to park the van. It turns out that the group was moving pretty fast because I don't ever recall waiting for long for the group to pass me. Luigi was our HH Racing team driver yesterday and he was already doing 50 mph. Yet, I felt the timing was pretty close...too close. At times, the road was so narrow that there weren't any spots to stop and to park the van...unless you want to risk getting the van stuck. Definitely something we need to look into on our next ride...maybe some time in the future.

The followings are my favorite shots of the day...and more can be found here on our own photo gallery page.

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