Getting a Cat 5.

Left: Jack Ho. Right: Paul McCarthy. Photo taken in one of the Prospect Park races.

I came to notice Jack when he first showed up to race in the HH Racing Thursday FBF Race Series in 2018 with the off-brand carbon bike with some serious deep dish carbon wheels. All in black too. He was racing as a Cat 5, unattached. Little did I know that, by the middle of the racing season, he upgraded to Cat 4 and being recruited to the team Vela Society, which happened to be a new team formed this year too. Won’t it be wonderful if most Cat 5 riders ended up getting recruited. And getting the training, the coaching, and the mentors they need to make it and to grow in the NYC racing scene.

His full name is Jack Ho. He is half Dominican and half Chinese, with a Dominican mother and a Chinese father. Like most new riders before getting into racing, he rode the NYC 5 Boroughs Bike Tour, Transportation Alternative Century (riding 100 miles around NYC), and Gran Fondo New York City. He did his first race back in 2016 in Prospect Park as a Cat 5 and got dropped HARD. The realization that century riding ain’t racing is a mind blown experience... That motivated him to train to race, not just to ride bike. He began to ride with fast riders to become faster. In 2017, Johan Abreu from E2Value racing team got him to race in FBF. By 2017, he finished his required 10 races and placed 2nd and 3rd . He felt that he wasn’t ready to race in the Cat4 field in 2018, not until his friend Johan Abreu gave him the green light to cat up to Cat 4. The conventional wisdom is that you should at least win 1 race as a Cat 5 before upgrading to Cat 4…supposedly. He was still racing as a Cat 5, in the Cat4/5 field, in the HH Racing FBF Thursday Race Series in 2018.

One day, on a group ride, he met up with Israel Carrasquillo, another Cat 5 rider, from team Vela Society. Israel convinced him to join the team and not long after, Paul McCarthy, one of the more experienced senior team members, invited him to join the team. Being a new team from this year and Jack being a new rider…turned out to be a good match. By the middle of the racing season, Jack upgraded to Cat 4 and began to race for the team Vela Society. Jack likes to race aggressively and to attack often. For that reasons, I always thought he was already a Cat 4 rider racing in the HH Racing Thursday FBF Race Series. He has won many of the series' Most Combative Rider awards too.

Jack receiving an 8x10 print of his solo attack, the Most Combative Rider award.

His racing goal for next year is to place top 3 and to be on the podium and to race smarter with more patient. In that case, HH Racing Thursday FBF Race Series would be waiting for him since there are no other NYC races offering podium celebration after each race. And, during the late season, another Thursday racing series, being promoted by the Verrazano team racing, could be another podium opportunity for him. They do offer podium celebration as well after each race.

He enjoyed racing in the HH Racing Thursday Race Series and particularly liked the reverse course and the horse shoe turn section. However, he is hoping that, for the next season, the cat4/5 field race would be extended longer than 30 minutes.

Jack making through the horse shoe turn in the last day of the HH Racing Thursday FBF Race Series 2018.

HH Racing made history by creating a horse shoe turn during the last day of the 2018 series. It has never been done before, ever, in the history of NYC racing.

For more information about the team Vela Society go visit

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