Really, is all about the riders and your teams...

As parts of the HH Racing’s missions to promote more inclusive racing in NYC and to provide a media platform for individual riders and teams exposure, we are very excited to roll out our “Riders and Teams Focus Blog.” Each week, we will focus on 3 to 5 riders and teams and to give them the opportunity to promote themselves. Some of the riders and teams may not get as much media exposure as some of the other more well known, local elite teams.

In HH Racing, we feel strongly that, regardless of your ability and local racing politics, you should have a voice. You should get as much exposure to promote yourself and your teams. You should be able to find a team to join if you want. Teams should be able to recruit individual riders if they desire to. Teams and riders should be able to provide more exposure for their sponsors as well.

The Riders and Teams Focus Blog initiative is an ongoing project. Will start in a week or so. If you and/or your team want to have your voice heard or you and/or your team have interesting stories to share with the rest of the NYC racing community, we are accepting submission and blog request. Just contact our race photographer and chief blog editor Victor Chan (me) through the FB messenger or email ( Unless we are overwhelmed by requests, I am pretty certain you or your team, or both, would be featured on our Riders and Teams Focus Blog. It will be great if you have raced in our HH Racing Thursday FBF race series, and even to have been to the podium. We would like to hear your stories and experiences in racing in our series as well.

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