Looking back......I think we did well

I still remember when Alessandro asked me in early April this year, 2018, to join his HH Racing and to help him to promote the HH Racing FBF Thursday race series, I didn't know what to expect. A new race series? By who? When? Where? Who are the sponsors?

Yes, by training and profession for the past 6 years, I am a cycling race photographer. What happens when you become the official race photographer for a NEW race series? My job is no longer about just showing up and to capture the race. Now, I have to coordinate with our awesome race director, Liam Richmond, and to ensure that every aspect of the race, from pre race and sponsor flag poles, to the podium presentation, is properly and effectively captured. Usually, I am the last 4th person to leave after the race is over since I use and bring a lot of lighting equipment for the podium shots. I know no race photographers would bring a 3ft x 3ft softbox, and 2 off camera lights, to capture the podium presentation...in near night time light condition. I also spent enough time chatting with Ale and to exchange ideas with him in order to better promote the race series. This allows me to actualize his visions for his race series through my photography. Some shots are great for the race series. Some aren't...and you want to avoid.

Of course, my previous 5 years of management experience come into play naturally. I still have dreams about my old job....hehehehe. Every race is always exciting and at the same time nerve-wracking. So many things could go wrong but they didn't. So many shots could have missed but they didn't......

Of course, there are issues, technical issues, that are needed to address for the next season. That would just make the series better. Problems aren't obstacles. They are opportunities for improvement.

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