Making history.....would racing in FBF ever be the same???

HH Racing has made history last night. Like any other historical events shaping and changing the way we see and live, its effect would not be felt until much later. Perhaps, for the next season?? Maybe even the upcoming Sunday series?? We added an extra horseshoe U turn corner on the course along the regular long course. I have been shooting NYC races for over 6 years and a "retired cat 4" racing for 4 years, I have not seen or witnessed anything like the last night race. It has never been done in any shape or form for the purpose to revitalize the FBF racing experience.

Last night was the last race of the HH Racing FBF Thursday Race Series. The upper, upper management has been discussing a possibility of adding turns and other elements on the course for a while. Maybe even considering a permanent fixture of the series. Like anything else which has not been done before, we took it slow. It happened last night. I heard few riders whining and moaning and swearing in extreme superlatives for no good reasons. Let's face in FBF is nothing more than riding on straight roads and connecting to another straight roads. Only wind and potholes kept things interesting.

I think we have made history last night and racing in FBF would never be the same again.

Of course, we thank all of the racers who have been supporting the series. And we thank all of our sponsors who made this series possible. JP and Alessandro have been more than instrumental in bringing out their visions and to actualize them in making NYC racing more vibrant.

Don't worry, I have plenty of subjects to blog even though the race series is over...stay tuned......

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