Sunday's blog???

Should I make a new blog on every Sunday or whenever I feel inspired?? This early morning downpour has put many local races on hold and cancelled. So, I didn't have any races to shoot this morning. Managed to get some more needed sleep. Now, I am truly inspired to blog.

Just to recap about the last race on the 12th. Yes, the HH Racing Thursday Night FBF Race Series has resumed normally on the 12th. The turn out was good. Up on the 10ft tall ladder by the finish, I could see the Master field being split up into 3 large groups. All this happened when Jack Boral from team Axis attacked on the first lap and held off for 2 laps until more riders, Ricky from team United, and James from Rockstar joined the break.

The Cat4/5 field was led by the attack from two Rapha riders. Considering the Cat4/5 field was only racing for 30 minutes, these guys were never caught.

Oh yes..the series is coming close to its end the next week or the week after. One thing for sure, there will be some surprises on the next race, which is the 19th. Stay up to date and to follow us on FB.

What else I am inspired to blog about? Velodrome in FBF? What??

My favorite photo from the last race is probably this one.....

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