Back to more Thursday night racing....

For the last July 4th week, the HH Racing Thursday series was closed because FBF was closed. The week before it, the series was hit by patchy thunderstorm cloud and the turnout wasn't great. Only few, "the real deal," had the appetite for racing in epic condition. Really looking forward to resume to our regular racing schedule in this July 12th, Thursday. We are getting close to the end of the series but the official date hasn't been set yet. There should be still more racing till the end of July. Maybe even beyond??? Just rumors so far.....

From what I was told by the upper, upper team management, there will be few surprises for the series. In fact, "these surprises" may, in fact, become key fixtures for the entire series in the future as well.

Since this is my first blog for the HH Racing in general, I will keep it short. See you all on this Thursday night at FBF!!!!

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