Meet The Team

Alessandro Matteucci


Italian School of Cycling

Cat 1 ROAD, Cat 3 TRACK

Lev 1 USAC Coach 



Height: 5'6"/ 162LBS 

Specialty: Criteriums

Previous sport: Cycling and Motorcycling

Nickname: Ale

Most embarrassing bike moment: so many, I've l

earned not to take life too seriously

Favorite pre-ride food: spaghetti w/ parmigiano

and extra virgin olive oil

2018 goals: Reach our donation goal for the

Earn a Bike program

Key to being healthy and happy:

being in love with what I do and surround myself

with good friends.

Alessandro was born and raised in Rome, Italy. Cycling competitions have occupied an important part of Alessandro’s life having road raced at elite level from age 12 to 18 with the last two years in the AS Grottaferrata Team, one of the best in central Italy at that time. In those years his coach was Antonio Fradusco, a very successful racer in the ’60, and one of the best Italian coaches for juniors in the last 25 years. 

Alessandro noticed his talent for teaching/coaching while working as instructor at the Lombardi Motorcycle Racing School and with the most important motorcycle racing clubs in the North East. 

At the end of 2007 he started competing at the local level. Alessandro won several races right away and moved quickly back up through the categories. In 2009 Alessandro became a USAC Coach and started working with Roger Aspholm, a very successful local racer and bicycle coach. In 2011 Alessandro decided to start developing the concept of a school of cycling in NYC by creating ISC. 

Today Alessandro is a Cat 1 road racer and a Lev 1 USAC Coach. 

Randy Liu

Director Mid-West Region


1GR Builders



Residence: Columbus Ohio 

Height: 5'9"/ 170LBS

Specialty: Criteriums

Previous sport: football and Motorcycling

#years racing 3

Occupation: home remodeling. Specializes in hardwood flooring and custom showers

Most embarrassing bike moment: when I couldn't finish a race. 

Favorite pre-ride food: rice with parmigiano and saracha. 

2018 goals: having fun racing. Podium at my local crit races and help H+H Racing Team to make the difference in the local arena

Your key to being healthy and happy: involving myself with my loved ones and great friends. Traveling and spending precious memorable moments with them. 

Mike Howard

Treasurer & Team Director



Residence: Brooklyn

Height: 5ft age 71. I was 5ft 9in.tall when I was younger

Previous sport:baseball, wrestling, football, boxing, power lifting

years racing: started 1997 .18 years

Nickname : " Evel "(Kirk Whiteman named all racers at Kissena)

Occupation: artistMost embarrassing bike moment:I could not unclip out of my pedals and fell in front of a group of teenagers on the sidewalk in can imagine Favorite pre-ride food:coffee

2018 goal: stay upright on the bike.Your key to being healthy and happy (other than riding the bike): good friends . I do not drink , smoke , or do any drugs .

Dr. Bob Vaccarino MD, FACP, FACC


Previous sports: football

# years racing: 5

Occupation: Doctor

Nickname: Dr. Bob

Most embarrassing bike moment: who cares!

I enjoy all the moments

Favorite pre-ride food: Peanut butter and jelly
2018 goal being competitive in his new category Masters 60+
Your key to being healthy and happy (other than riding the bike): live well and laugh a lot

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Victor Chan

J.P. Rorech

Race Events Director

Race Photographer

Chief Blog Editor