Height: 5'6"

Residence: Fresh Meadows, NY

Specialty: Sprints

Nickname: Parkemotor

Previous Sports: Swimming and triathlons

Most embarrassing moment: During the transitioning stage of my first triathlon my hands were so cold after swimming and cycling that I wasn't able to take off my helmet and I just ran with it on to the finish line

Pre-race meal: Toasted garlic bagel with cream cheese and grape jelly

2018 Goals: Improve my endurance in order to sprint more efficiently, build on my racing strategies to better read the race, work on my climbing skills, and ultimately rank top ten in the Junior Road Nationals as well as being Junior Track National Champion

Key to being healthy and happy (other than riding the bike): Pushing to one's full potential and living without regrets


Height: 4'8"

Residence: Fresh Meadows, NY

Previous Sports: Swimming, Triathlons

#years of racing: 3

Specialties: Endurance and Climbing

Favorite Pre Ride Food: Toasted bagel with cream cheese and jelly

2018 Goals: Improve sprinting ability, work on my strategies in racing and cornering skills on the road, and podium for the first time at the USA Junior Road and Track National Championships

Key to being healthy and happy (other than riding the bike): Have fun while being active everyday

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Track: Cat 4

Road: Cat 5

Height: 5'8

Weight: 108lbs

Residence: Flushing, NY

Previous Sports: Basketball

Specialties: Climbing

When did you start racing?: April 6, 2018

Favorite Pre Ride Food: Pizza

Goals: To work on my racing strategies and endurance 

Key to being Healthy and Happy (other than riding the bike): Suffer, Survive, then be happy that you survived 


Height: 6"

Resides in: Jamaica

NYYears of Racing: 6 Track, 0

RoadSpecialties: Sprints

Favorite Pre Ride meal - Chocolate Milk

2018 Goals: Working on road skills

Key to being Healthy and Happy (other than riding the bike): To reach a goal and progress to the next one


Height: 5'1"

Residence: Flushing, NY

Previous Sports:  Fencing and Archery

#years of racing: 5 Track; 1 Road

Specialties:  Sprints

Favorite Pre Ride Food:  oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar

2018 Goals:  improve my stamina and gain more experience riding and racing on the road and at criterium races. 

Key to being healthy and happy (other than riding the bike):  Enjoy every moment . . . even if you fall down.