By Victor Chan 7/19/18

Tonight was the last race, the final race, of the series.  Thank you for all the racers who have been supporting the series.  And thank you to all of the sponsors making the series possible.  Yes, is the last race of the series and HH Racing decided to add a new corner, a horseshoe U turn by the turn 3 to the turn 4.  We had a neutral start just not to spook riders who weren't familiar with the changes.  No crashes that I am aware of.  Most riders gingerly took it slow for the first 2 laps.  For the Master field, with a larger turnout, the field started to split up by the 2nd lap. 


The new horseshoe turn took its toll on everyone.  It formed breaks and breaks slowly forming another breaks.  Eventually, Constantin won the Master field with a sizeable gap towards the finishing straight.  Jesus Martinez from Dave Jordan took the over win for final series.  And Christopher from Merrick Bicycle won the overall in the cat4/5 field.