By Victor Chan 6/7/18

Few unforeseen circumstances tonight.  Fortunately, everyone knew where they needed to be and to do.  The race largely went smoothly.  We did skip few events but nothing major.  For my part, I was managing three camera system tonight.  Largely, I was able to capture what I was there to capture.  Everything was just running very tightly from the pre-race to the post race presentation.  

For the race itself, the format has been changing and adjusting based on the numbers of turnouts.  The field size was moderate but would definitely working on to attract more racers.  The series itself is constantly changing and which is natural for a race series designed to be different since the inception.  Expecting more surprises...I am sure.

It was a fun night of racing.  Of course, racers who pre-reg would get a 30% on prints and digital hi res files from me.  Feel free to contact me at from One Imaging Photography.