By Victor Chan 4/12/18

Just came back from the inaugural race of the Healthy & Happy Racing Thursday Night FBF Series.  With all the cars parked there as well as the size of the field, somewhat modest, you may think today was Tuesday instead.  Today was somewhat unusually windy.  I was tired out just riding from one section to another.  The windiest section is from turn 3 to turn 4.  I was struggling riding my bike with all of the camera gear.  Yes, I rode to the race with my bike carrying all of my 30lb camera gear.....  I needed the workout... 


As expected....the wind shattered the field into several small groups.  The addition of the junior racers racing with the cat 4/5 is interesting.  Unfortunately, it may be too difficult for very young riders staying with the field at FBF.  Some changes may take place in the next race...I think.         

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